Certification Course in Yoga online through NIOS


What’s a Yoga course?

Yoga course teaches the practice of yoga that can pertain to physical, spiritual, and internal discipline surfaced in India. The yoga course in Delhi generally consists of colourful yoga styles from traditional hatha yoga to further ultramodern styles similar to Vinyasa also known as Hot Yoga. One can anticipate learning a variety of yoga sequences and acts in addition to breathing and contemplation ways. The classes may also include yoga gospel and their benefits for internal as well as physical health.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

With a variety of stretches and acts involved in yoga, it can help ameliorate inflexibility.

  • Yoga promotes abidance and strength.
  • Yoga can make physical strength, especially with power yoga.
  • It can ameliorate collaboration and enhance balance therefore providing better posture.
  • Yoga embraces awareness which can help relieve stress.
  • Breath control ways can ameliorate and enhance lung capacity, promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.
  • With yoga practice bone can reduce common stiffness and ameliorate common inflexibility.
  • enhancement in rotation, better stimulation of the nervous system and dropped fatigue feeling can all be achieved with the practice of yoga.
  • Yoga is frequently embraced as a reciprocal remedy to manage and handle habitual pain affections.

Why pursue a yoga course at Best Paramedical College?

Best Paramedical College is a unit of Dr. Best Imaging Institute Pvt. Ltd. located in Rohini Delhi. The Best Paramedical College is one of the leading paramedical councils in Delhi India and is combined with NIOS/ Singhania University/ BirTikendrajit University. The certificate in yoga course is a one-time program handed out by Best Paramedical College in collaboration with NIOS( National Institute of Open Schooling). Our council stands as a light and a strong foundation towards excellence, embracing and furnishing holistic educational caper in addition to strong academics and a probative circle. We largely believe that Best Paramedical College not only provides a dubious quality education but also a morning set up for a fulfilling successful future.

Eligibility standard 

The eligibility standard and criteria to pursue an instrument in a Yoga course under Best Paramedical College is that one must complete 10th standard of training with an honoured board along with the ID evidence and photos.


The course of yoga is divided into three parts : 


  • Prayer
  • Misconceptions related to yoga 
  • Nature and definition of yoga-I
  • Nature and definition of yoga- II
  • Nature and definition of yoga -III
  • Yoga and life 


  • Yama(Mental discipline)
  • Niyamas(mental purification)
  • Asanas: yogic postures
  • Pranayam
  • Cure of disease through yoga
  • Mind 


  • Digestive System
  • Circulatory System
  • Basis of good health
  • Motivating stories of great people 
  • Moral stories
  • International peace and sacrifice

What’s the compass of yoga in India?

The bright options for Yoga are as follows educator or preceptor for yoga

  • Training programs and heartiness retreats
  • The ministry of AYUSH stands for Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy lawyers for the corollary of yoga education.
  • Yoga is deeply connected to Indian culture and continues to be of vital significance for carnivals, events and the practice of church across the country.
  • Innovative studies and inquiries into yoga explore all the aspects of yoga.

Why Choose the Best Paramedical College?

Scholars of paramedical and biotechnology courses at Best Paramedical College in Delhi will get theoretical and practical knowledge at a well-equipped molecular lab and chops to enter health assistance.

Best Paramedical College offers an overall development of the scholars, making them an all-rounded and suitable existent. We train scholars for a brighter and better future in healthcare. Let’s learn and go over and beyond our comfort zone, to support healthcare assistance and medical professionals for easy and accurate opinions.

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